RGB LED Flood light

  • RGB LED Flood light
  • RGB LED Flood light
  • RGB LED Flood light
WATT:     10W / 20W  / 30W  / 50W
PF:         > 90%
THD:        <20%
VOTLAGE:  AC 200-240V / 50/60HZ
IP:            IP65

Material:     Die-casting Aluminum housing+ tempered  glass

The sensor adopts Pyroelectric Infrared Technology, integrated with PIR sensor module, light induction sensor module and time delay switch module

The IC chip is industrial class, with high load capacity and disturbance resistance capacity

Switches on automatically when people enter and switches off with time delay after people leave, energy saving, convenient and environment friendly

Identify bright day and dark night, and the environment lux can be freely set

 Detection distance is adjustable according to various application area

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